About Us

Sergej Schumilo

Sergej is a low level hacker that specialized in making fuzzers go fast by exploiting the intricacies of modern CPU’s. He has an unreasonable understanding of the Intel architecture (and has been known to know the relevant page numbers in the intel’s software developer manual by heart). In short, he enjoys everything happening below ring 0.

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Dr.-Ing. Cornelius Aschermann

Cornelius is a security researcher that focuses on program analysis and automated bug finding. Besides his work on fuzzing he is also interested in static analysis, SMT solving, reverse engineering & obfuscation, program synthesis as well as compilers & programming languages. In short, he most enjoys developing techniques that shape, sculpt and repurpose other code - preferably binary code.

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The Team

Nyx wouldn’t have been possible without our co-authors: Thorsten Holz, Ali Abbasi, Simon Woerner, Moritz Schloengel, Robert Gawlik, Sebastian Schinzel, Tim Blazytko, Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi, Daniel Teuchert, Patrick Jauernig and Tommaso Frassetto. We would also like to thank Steffen Schulz and Christian Holler for their feedback and everyone else that helped along the way.